Fernandes, on Fleming Street, is a bit off the beaten Ironbound track. Speaking of tracks, the proliferation of railroad tracks in the 1800s gave the area its name, although some argue it was the presence of iron forges and steel fabrication plants. The massive vault in the foyer? The restaurant is housed in a former bank. Walk upstairs to the attractive, greenery-decorated, Spanish-tiled-ceiling dining room. “Fried shrimp?” Boehm needled Jones on his choice of entree. “You can go to Long John Silver’s.” Whole lotta love on the Big Dog this summer. You’ll love the sangria here, especially the blue sangria, smooth and seductive. In fact, Fernandes gets our vote for the day’s best sangria overall.(…) The broiled seafood combination was a boatload of marine munch – lobster, scallops, clams, mussels, jumbo shrimp, flounder. Daunting and delicious. The filet mignon, served smoking and sizzling on a cylindrical stone, was better than average.

No Ironbound food excursion is complete without a round of rodizio, the Brazilian meat-on-skewers fest.The meat comes fast and furious; doggy bags, to discourage those who might order mounds of meat just to bring it home, are not allowed…. there is plenty to recommend – the marvelous filet mignon wrapped in bacon, the juicy beef kabobs, the terrifically tender pork tenderloin. The dinner was capped off with that traditional sugary sendoff, grilled pineapple. Loved the cinnamony, smoky dusting, but the fruit itself could have been sweeter. “I’ve never experienced anything like this in my life – even,” Jones said, pushing himself back from the table.